YOU DECIDE: Should Ohio Postpone its Primary Elections?

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Every ten years, state legislatures must evaluate the census population data to see if their state’s congressional district maps must be changed. Information about population growth and loss comes directly from the Census. If the population increases or decreases enough to change the number of congressional members assigned to each state, the districts must be changed.  

The Ohio Redistricting Commission has approved four different sets of maps. But each time, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the map proposal. A panel of judges has given a deadline of this week to put new maps in place. Some races in Ohio have already been removed from the May 3 primary and will be held at a late primary date. 

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So, YOU DECIDE: Should Ohio postpone its primary elections? 


  • Postponing it could lower voter turnout, because voters are confused about when to vote. Moving the primaries into the summer months also means that people are more likely to be travelling on election day. 
  • Postponing could pose financial challenges to candidates, particularly those who are challenging incumbents. They will have to raise additional funds to maintain a lengthier campaign. 
  • If new maps are still not approved by the new primary election date, then it’s possible that primaries could be delayed a second time, leading to further confusion. 


  • Meeting the original election dates now is very difficult. There is simply not enough time left to approve new maps and deal with legal challenges 
  • There is also not enough time for election officials also need to check candidate petitions and reprogram voter registration systems before primary election day. 
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, sixteen states postponed their primaries for the 2020 presidential election. It can also be done here. 

Should Ohio postpone its primary elections?
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