New York City Swears in New Mayor

Posted by on Jan 12, 2022 in Government, People and Culture

On December 31, 2021, Eric Adams, New York City’s new mayor took his oath of office. Aside from being only the city’s second African American mayor, Adams differs from his predecessors in many ways. Here, btw takes a closer look at this unusual leader.

Who is Mayor Adams?

Eric Adams is 61 years old. He was raised in Queens, by his single mother who cooked and cleaned houses for a living. As a result, Adams calls himself New York City’s “first blue-collar mayor.” Before running for mayor, he was a New York City police captain, Brooklyn’s borough president, and a New York State Senator.

Mayor Adams is calls himself a progressive, meditates, and is a vegan. Yet he is also an ex-Republican who is pro-Second Amendment, a former police officer, and strongly pro-business. was Adams says that he spent much of his youth on the brink of homelessness, and he even spent a night in jail where he was assaulted by police officers. According to Adams, this event was what led him toward a career in law enforcement.

What Does He Hope to Do?

Adams’ campaign revolved around a long list of proposals for how to improve life for New Yorkers. His platform included plans to

  • reduce wasteful spending;
  • provide critical relief during the COVID-19 crisis;
  • address climate change;
  • reduce crime;
  • help low-income residents with childcare and housing needs;
  • develop a safe and reliable 24/7 transportation system;
  • empower and engage immigrants;
  • honor veterans;
  • keep young people out of the juvenile justice system; and
  • prioritize the arts.

A Challenging Time

Mayor Adams takes office during a particularly difficult time in New York City’s history. The omicron variant has caused a dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases (about 40,000 per day). Before that, the city was still struggling to recover from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic shutdown. Currently, New York City’s unemployment rate is more than double the national average. Violent crimes, such as murders and shootings, are also on the rise. The pandemic and racial issues raised of the past year and a half have revealed many inequities in the city, which will need to be addressed as well.

What Can New Yorkers Expect?

Adams  has held on to most of the cabinet members appointed by his predecessor, Democrat Bill de Blasio. Adams says he will also keep many of de Blasio’s plans and policies intact, with a few notable exceptions. Adams says he will not continue de Blasio’s plan to end the city’s gifted and talented program. He also plans to reinstitute a unit of plainclothes police officers that de Blasio disbanded last year, to keep the streets safer.

What Do You Think? Look again at the list of issues that Mayor Adams campaigned on. Which three items on that list do you think are the biggest priorities. Write a short essay explaining your reasoning.