Hispanic Heritage Month: Marvel’s Voices “Comunidadaes” #1

Posted by on Sep 15, 2022 in Current Events

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Marvel Comics has come out with a new anthology, or collection, called Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1. This anthology spotlights Hispanic and Latinx characters, uplifting and promoting the voices of Hispanic and Latinx creators, writers, and artists. The goal of the project is to recognize and appreciate Hispanic cultures, while promoting both new and established voices in the field. The issue goes on sale September 28, 2022.  

Why Representation Matters 

Studies show that positive media representation can increase self-esteem for people who are members of overlooked groups or people who don’t have as strong a voice in society. Telling the stories of marginalized groups can also help raise awareness and reduce stereotypes about these groups. It can also provide a community of support, especially for young people, by providing them with ways to connect with one another. 

Some Latinx Superheroes 

The first Latino superhero published by Marvel Comics was White Tiger in 1975. The character of Hector Alaya fought crime in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. White Tiger teamed up with other Marvel characters such as Spider-Man. 

Since White Tiger, however, many more Latinx characters have been featured in Marvel Comics. America Chavez debuted in 2011. She has fought the villain Loki and teamed up with the Young Avengers. 

What Are the Stories? 

Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades puts representation of Hispanic/Latinx characters center stage, with diverse heroes, complex  characters, and rich storylines. The anthology features five action-packed stories: 

  • “A Small Mercy” starring Nova, written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Paco Medina 
  • “Music to My Ears” starring Spider-Man (Miles Morales), written by Edgar Delgado with art by Luis Morocho 
  • “Secret Savior” starring White Tiger (Ava Ayala), written by Alex Segura with art by Roge Antonio 
  • “Shark-Girl’s Day Off” starring Shark-Girl, written by Zoraida Cordova with art by Yasmin Flores Montanez 
  • “More With Less” starring America Chavez, written by Carlos Hernandez with art by Marcelo Costa 

This year’s issue will also include an introduction by Hector Navarro, and an interview with Fabian Nicieza in which he talks about Marvel’s history of adding more points of view and different voices in its stories. 

An Important Step 

Marvel’s Voices series also includes other anthologies focused on female characters; LGBTQ characters; characters of color; and indigenous characters (native people originally born in a country or region). These issues also highlight the artistic work and writing of people of color and indigenous background. The anthology also acknowledges the importance of intersectionality, or the idea that people can belong to more than one group at a time. For example, the character of Miles Morales identifies as a biracial Black Puerto Rican.  

Dig Deeper Choose one of the stories, characters, or creators/writers/artists featured in the Comunidades anthology. Use Internet resources to find out more about your chosen story, character, or person. Write a paragraph sharing what you learn.